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Videos: Cape Breton Shipwrecks
Information about shipwrecks in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia....

Slides: Louisbourg Wrecks
Slides: Cape Breton Shipwrecks

Best Wreck Dives Pics

Anglo-Danish Maritime Archaeological Team
The ADMAT dive team conducts the archaeological investigation and excavation of shipwrecks.
Our next expedition will include continued excavation of the 'Tile Wreck' (1720's French)
and the initial survey of a new shipwreck we are calling the Island Wreck which is located
on an uninhabited island off the north shore of the Dominican Republic. We are looking for
volunteers who desire to learn about and pariticpate in underwater archaeology.

Books: Caribbean Shipwrecks
Historic shipwrecks, treasures and pirate history in Caribbean
Books about historic shipwrecks... Our books are selection of the best source of credible
and verified information about historic shipwrecks, treasures and pirate history in the Caribbean.

Deep Image
Exceeding the challenges of Deep Ocean
Shipwreck Exploration against creative Imaging

Dutch East India Company Shipwrecks
This site lists VOC shipwrecks from 1597-1800

Guide to Shipwrecks of North Carolina

Irish Shipwrecks Database
Irish Shipwrecks Database is a searchable database
of shipwrecks on and off the Coast of Ireland,
A resource for Researchers, Historians and Ship Wreck Divers.
This List Covers Ship Wrecks upto 250 miles off the Irish Coast.

Irish Wrecks Online
Shipwreck database covering the whole of Ireland

Le Celebre: Louisbourg  Canadian Underwater Archaeological Survey

Le Chameau: Louisbourg  Treasure Ship

List of Shipwrecks - Wikipedia
This list of shipwrecks is a list of those sunken ships whose remains have been located.

Lloyd's Register's sources available to historical researchers

Maritime History Archive

Maritime History: Ships and Shipwrecks

Michigan Shipwrecks Lake Michigan Database
including names, GPS coordinates, depths, and brief histories of sinkings...

Minnesota's Lake Superior Shipwrecks
Compiled by the Minnesota Historical Society, this includes 47 ships
wrecked in Lake Superior.

New England Shipwrecks
Explore these underwater marvels.

NOAA Automated Wrecks and Obstructions Information System (AWOIS)
This is a searchable database of wrecks and navigational obstructions sponsored by NOAA.

NOAA Historical Map and Chart Collection
This databasecharts is maintained by NOAA and contains old nautical charts of river systems and offshore locales.

North Altantic Dive Expeditions

North Carolina Wreck Diving
General information is provided.

Northern Maritime Research
Major Shipwreck Database for North America listing more than 100,000 wrecks....

Nova Scotia Shipwrecks
A webguide for divers and armchair adventurers.

Rusty's Gold & Treasure Hunting Supply
Authorized, Certified Minelab Dealer offering metal detectors
and detector accessories for diving and treasure hunting.

Ship Information Database (SID): Canada
Ship registration records at the National Archives in Ottawa are available here..

Ship Wreck Charts
Shipwrecks of North Carolina

Shipwrecks and Lost Treasures of the Seven Seas
Sunken treasures, the underwater lost treasures website,
dedicated to all genuine treasure lovers.
Underwater archaeology, shipwrecks, scuba diving and maritime
history re-discovered.

Shipwrecks of Egypt
A listing of shipwrecks of Egypt located off the coasts
of Alexandria, Port Said and Suez, and the Red Sea.
This site ncludes ship histories, ship photos, and wreck diving
information with links for additional research.

Worldwide Shipwreck Database International registry of Sunken Ships....

Wreck Databases and Lists
This directory includes maritime museums, record offices, archives, and historical societies across the world.

Wreck Diving Tips
Various information about wreck diving and sites are made available by Watersports Magazine.


Aqua Explorers Wreck Diving  New York
Dive 12 Shipwrecks  Calamianes, Philippines
Dive Cape Breton  Nova Scotia
Expedition Whydah
Great Lakes Shipwreck Research
Heritage Management: NS

IOTA Partners
IOTA Partners operates from offices in Bellevue, Washington, USA, and Rota,
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The partnership was formed
in 1988 to locate and recover colonial era merchant ships wrecked
between 1500 and 1850. It is a limited partnership in compliance with
securities laws and regulations of the United States.

New England Dive Sites
Hunting New England Shipwrecks

Mardi Gras Shipwreck Project
Mardi Gras Shipwreck
Additional Mardi Gras

Maritime Archaeological Training Project
Michigan Shipwrecks
Minnesota Shipwrecks
Monitor National Marine Sanctuary  North Carolina
Prince Edward Island Shipwrecks

Queen Anne's Revenge
video for Queen Anne's project

Saint Paul Island Shipwrecks  Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Between the tip of Cape North and the coastal community of Ingonish lie
the remains of over two hundred shipwrecks and 14 miles off the coast
is St. Paul Island with over 350 recorded shipwrecks.

Shipwrecks of Vancouver Island
Shipwrecks Magazine

Shipwreck Times
We feature ten stories of shipwrecks along the Vancouver Island coast.

Southern California Shipwrecks
Submerged Resources Center
The Association of Underwater Explorers
U-Boat Dive Sites
Wisconsin's Great Lakes Shipwrecks
Wreck Diving Along the East Coast

Wrecks Worldwide
Wrecks Worldwide is dedicated to getting scuba divers on the most exciting
shipwrecks worldwide. It specializes in organizing dive travel to great

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