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Science Lab Experiment: Preparation of Carbon Dioxide

Demonstration: Action of Yeast

Object: To determine some of the characteristics of the micro-organism "yeast".

Materials: 1 package dry yeast, stand and clamp, collecting bottles, sugar, collecting trough, water run-off collector, side-arm flask, rubber stopper, rubber tubing, water

carbon dioxide lab preparation setup

Method: The materials were set up as shown in the diagram. The gas was collected and tested.

Observations: Bubbles of gas were noticed in the side-arm flask and during a period of 50 minutes, completely filled the collection bottle. The gas appeared colourless and odourless. When tested with a glowing splint, the gas proved to be carbon dioxide, as it did not support burning. The gas could be poured onto the flame (putting it out), showing it was heavier than air. This is another characteristic of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Conclusions: One of the products of yeast action is carbon dioxide.