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Science Lab Experiment: Voltaic Cell

Demonstration Voltaic Cell

Object: To set up a voltaic cell and observe what happens when 2 different metals are placed in acid.

Materials: zinc strip, copper strip, sulfuric acid (H2SO4)

Voltaic cell lab

Method: The materials were set up as shown in the diagram.

Observations: When the metal strips were placed in the acid, bubbles formed at the zinc strip. The needle of the voltmeter moved to approximately 1.1. volts.

Conclusions: An electromotive force (EMF) was set up by the metal strips. The zinc lost atoms to the acid leaving electrons (-) behind. The copper lost electrons to the acid, making the copper positive (+). When the wire was connected, the electrons moved from the negative strip to the positive strip with a force of 1.1 volts, creating electricity.