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Science Lab Experiment: Train of Waves

Demonstration Train of Waves

Object: To determine some characteristics of sound.

Materials: bell, battery, rubber sheeting, elastic bands, tack, cardboard tube, small end of eraser, string

sound: train of waves lab

Method: The rubber sheeting was fastened to the tubing using elastic bands. A tack was suspended close to one end of the tube (Diagram A). The other end of the cardboard tubing was connected to the bell as shown (Diagram B).

Observations:The tack when suspended close to one end of the cardboard tube was seen to move quite violently, when the other end was plucked. When the hammer of the bell was connected to the rubber sheeting of the second cardboard tube and rung, the tack was seen to move back and forth rapidly.

Conclusions: The movement in both cases was due to the "train of waves" set up by the change in air pressure within the cardboard tubes. The vibrations of sound travel in similar waves of compression and low pressure.