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Science Lab Experiment: Pinhole Camera

Demonstration Pinhole Camera

Object: To determine if light can be made to form an image by passing through a pinhole.

Materials: pinhole camera, photographic paper and developing chemicals

pinhole camera

Method: A pinhole camera is constructed by placing a pinhole in the end of a light proof container, such as a rolled oats container, or crispy fries container. The cover is taken off and photographic paper is inserted opposite the pinhole. The container is placed outdoors on a sunny day and left in a stable position for about 10 minutes. At the end of that time the paper is removed (in the dark) and developed and printed.

Observations: The print shows the scene in good focus, illustrating that the light rays have passed into the box to produce the image.

Conclusions: No lens can substitute for the clarity of a landscape photographed through a pinhole.