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Science Lab Experiment: Pendulum

Demonstration: Pendulum

Object: To determine some characteristics of vibrating objects.

Materials:string, (lengths 60 cm and 30 cm), different weights, watch

Pendulum lab set up

Method:Different weights were suspended from a 60 cm length of string. These same weights were then used with a 30 cm length of string. In each case the weight was held in a horizontal position and released. The number of swings in a 30 second time period was counted for each weight and for each length of string.

Observations:It was observed that neither the heavy weight nor the light weight had any effect on the number of swings. However, the shorter the string, the greater was the number of swings.

Conclusions: The weight of the object had no effect on the number of swings. The length of string did have an effect. It was concluded that in creating sounds, a shorter string on a musical instrument will vibrate rapidly and have a higher pitch.