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Science Lab Experiment: Neutralization

Demonstration: Neutralization

Object: To determine the characteristics of an acid-base reaction.

Materials: titration apparatus, indicator solution, small beaker, alcohol lamp, litmus paper, boileezer, funnel, HCl (3M), NaOH (3M), distilling flask

Neutralization of acid with base

Method: Equal concentrations of NaOH and HCl were poured into the titration tubes. A quantity of HCl was released into a small beaker containing a drop of indicator. Gradually, drop by drop, NaOH was added to the acid, until a light pink colour was noticed. This solution was then tested with litmus paper and distilled.

Observations: As the base was added, the solution would turn pink and then clear until the concentration of base equaled that of the acid. The solution was tested with litmus paper and no change was seen. As the solution was heated, drops of a clear liquid were collected from the spout of the flask. The bottom of the flask contained a white precipitate, which tasted salty.

Conclusions: The base neutralized the acid, resulting in the formation of a salt and water. NaOH + HCl -> NaCl + H2O Base Acid Salt Water