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Science Lab Experiment: Properties of Mixtures

Demonstration: Mixtures

Object: To determine how to separate the parts of a mixture and to find out what happens when these elements combine chemically.

Materials: sulfur, iron filings, magnet, alcohol lamp, test tubes, filter paper, stand and clamp

Properties of Mixtures

Method: The sulfur and iron filings were placed on a piece of filter paper and mixed. A magnet was passed over the mixture and the filings were removed. See Diagram A. The mixture of iron filings and sulfur was heated in a test tube. See Diagram B.

Observations: The mixture of black iron filings and yellow sulfur, after being heated formed a black material in the test tube and could not be separated by physical means. It was not attracted to the magnet.

Conclusions: The black substance formed in the test tube was a compound. This material had different properties than the iron and sulfur of the mixture and could not be separated by physical means.