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Science Lab Experiment: Preparation of Hydrogen

Demonstration: Hydrogen Preparation

Object: To find out what happens when magnesium is added to vinegar.

Materials: vinegar, 2 test tubes, matches, wooden splint, magnesium ribbon

Hydrogen Preparation

Method: A 5 cm piece of magnesium ribbon was added to 3 ml vinegar in one test tube. A second test tube was placed mouth downward over the top of the first test tube to collect the gas produced by the reaction. After a few minutes, a lighted wooden splint was placed inside the second test tube and observed.

Observations: When the magnesium was added to the vinegar, bubbles formed. Steam appeared on the inside of the second tube. The lighted wooden splint inside the second test tube caused a "pop".

Conclusions: Since a burning splint will cause hydrogen to pop, it was concluded that the gas formed was hydrogen.