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Science Lab Experiment: Force of Friction

Demonstration: Force of Friction

Object: To determine some characteristics of the force of friction.

Materials: wooden blocks, spring balance, table surface, wax paper, fine and coarse sand paper, ball bearings, string



Method: Three wooden blocks were set on top of each other on the surface of a table. A string was tied to the bottom block and connected to a spring balance. The force needed to overcome the friction of sliding these blocks over various surfaces was measured, as illustrated in diagram 1. The force needed to overcome friction was compared to the force of gravity, as shown in diagram 2.

Data: 222 g Table Top 50 g Wax Paper 30 g Sand Paper (fine) 42 g Sand Paper (coarse) 62 g Double Sand Paper 160 g Bearings 0.5 g

Observations: It was observed that when rough surfaces were used, friction increased. The force of gravity does not depend on the type of surface used.

Conclusions: Friction is a force which depends on the surface used. Gravity is related to the weight of the object.