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Science Lab Experiment: Distillation

Demonstration: Distillation

Object:To separate the solution and the solvent from solution.

Materials:rubber stopper, distillation flask, boileezer, copper sulfate solution, stand and clamp, and alcohol lamp

distillation apparatus setup

Method: The apparatus was set up as shown in the diagram. About 20ml of copper sulfate (CuSO4) was added to the flask and boiled.

Observations: As the liquid was heated, bubbles were soon noticed beads of clear moisture were noticed on the inner walls of the flask. As boiling continued, clear water dripped from the flask.

Conclusions: The copper sulfate crystals (blue) remained in the flask The water evaporated. However, upon hitting the cool walls of the flask, they condensed back to liquid water and dripped down the spout into the collection beaker.