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Science Lab Experiment: Making Rock Candy

Demonstration: Preparation of Rock Candy

Object: To grow crystals.

Materials: 1 cup boiling water, 1 3/4 cups sugar (granulated), string, beaker, heater, ring stand

Preparation of Rock Candy

Method: About 1> cups of sugar were added to a cup of boiling water. The materials were stirred to dissolve all the sugar and allowed to cool. The solution was poured into a beaker and a piece of string was suspended in it.

Observations: Crystals were observed to collect on the string over a period of days, while the beaker sat undisturbed.

Conclusions: Crystals are formed when a supersaturated solution is allowed to cool. More sugar was dissolved in boiling water than could be absorbed at room temperature. When the solution cooled, the extra solute formed crystals.