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Science Lab Experiment: Making a Base

Demonstration: Making a Base

Object:To find out what happens when an active metal is added to water.

Materials:litmus paper, matches, wood splint, two test tubes, calcium, water

making a base

Method: Approximately 25 ml water was poured into a test tube. This was tested with litmus paper and no change was noticed. A piece of calcium was added to the water. The gas was collected in a test tube, which had been placed mouth downward over the original tube. The liquid was later tested with litmus paper.

Observations: No change was noticed when the water was first tested with the litmus paper. The calcium reacted vigorously with the water, producing smoke and heat. A gas was collected and tested. The gas was proven to be hydrogen, by its pop".

Conclusions: The litmus paper turned blue, showing that a base had formed. The base was calcium hydroxide. Ca + 2H20 ' Ca(OH)2