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Science Lab Experiment: Alcohol Distillation

Demonstration: Alcohol Distillation

Object: To prepare alcohol from a mixture of alcohol, yeast, water, and sugar.

Materials: alcohol lamp, glass, two side-arm flasks, two rubber stoppers, rubber tubing, cooling tray, two clamps and stands, boileezer

alcohol distillation

Method: The materials were set up as shown in the diagram. The mixture was heated to the boiling point. The liquid coming from the glass tubing was collected and tested.

Observations: As the solution heated, bubbles formed. A vapour was noticed in the flask and clear drops were seen to form at the end of the tubing. These drops were collected and found to smell and taste like alcohol.

Conclusions: The yellowish mixture containing many materials was allowed to boil. As it did so, the alcohol turned to the gas stage. As this gas hit the cool sides of the tubing and second side-arm flask, it turned to the liquid alcohol. Thus, alcohol was separated from the solution.