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Internet3 Ocean Worksheet

Internet Review #3                      		        Name: ______________________

Instructions: Complete the following sheet, using various search engines like: altavista.
 digital.com, www.yahoo.com, www.webcrawler.com, www.metasearch.com, www.lycos.com. 
Note: When using altavista, make sure the language requested is English.  You can type your
 question in the search block.  Example: "What is the marine biome?"

Topic: Aquaculture Website(s): _______________________________________________

1. What is meant by aquaculture?______________________________________________

2. Describe the term "mariculture"? ____________________________________________

3. What is the value of aquaculture done in Nova Scotia? ____________________________

4. What types of  fish are farmed in Nova Scotia? ___________________________________

5. Describe oyster farming.  ____________________________________________________

6. How are salmon raised in captivity? ____________________________________________

7. What is Nova Scotia's legislation regarding aquaculture? ____________________________

8. What part of the sea urchin is important to the Japanese? __________ Why? ____________

9. Give a recipe for octopus  _____________________________________________________

10. What is Irish moss used for? __________________________________________________

Topic: Marine Heritage Website(s): ______________________________________________

1. What is Nova Scotia's policy on shipwrecks?_____________________________________

2. What underwater research is going on in Nova Scotia? _____________________________

3. Describe the shipwreck or Le Chameau? ________________________________________

4. What did Alex Storm do? ___________________________________________________

5. How many shipwrecks are off the coast of  Nova Scotia? ____________________________

6. Tell about St. Paul's Island, Cape Breton. ________________________________________

Topic:Bathymetric Mapping Website(s): __________________________________________

1.How did they find pieces of the Swissair jet? _______________________________________

2.What is bathymetric mapping? _________________________________________________

Topic: Marine Resources Website(s): _______________________________________________

1. Where is Sable Island? _________________________________________________________

2. What is Hibernia?. ____________________________________________________________

3. What is the Glomar Explorer? ___________________________________________________

4. How deep can they drill underwater? _____________________________________________

Topic: Plankton Website(s): _____________________________________________________

1. How do plankton control their depth?_____________ _______________________________

2. Why are plankton important?________________ ___________________________________