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Oceans 11 was conceived, developed and implemented in celebration of the International Year of the Ocean. The ideals put forward by the United Nations for the year are reflected throughout the course as a living reminder for the future. The Oceans 11 curriculum is a joint project of the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Oceans - Structure and Motion

This module addresses the topic of structure and motion of the oceans from a global perspective, integrated with meaningful local examples.

The Marine Biome

This module is an exploration of the marine biome from a broad, holistic, ecosystem perspective. Connections between and within the natural environment, including human interactions are emphasized through various activities.

Aquaculture - Farming the Ocean

The viability of an aquaculture project depends on three basic factors: the physical and social environment of the site, the methodologies used, and the business plan that supports the development. This module involves students in an examination of all three of these factors.

The Fisheries Resource

This module is divided into 5 main sections: Introduction to the Fisheries System, Resource Biology, Fisheries Dynamics, Fisheries and Fisheries Management and Sustainability.

Our Coastal Zones - Managing Their Use

The aim of this module is to introduce students to the process of Integrated Coastal Zone Planning and Management. Like our coastal zone, planning and management is a highly dynamic and exciting process.

Ocean Industries

This module will recognize the broad spectrum of oceans related opportunities that exist in today's environment. Ranging from the high tech industries that have made Nova Scotia world renowned, to the popular eco-tourism adventures that people from all over the globe are coming to experience.

Coastal Navigation

This module presents basic navigation concepts through a series of hands-on chart activities that can be done by students individually, and in pairs. The basic safety equipment, procedures and rules are also examined.

Oceans 11 is being developed with the help and assistance of the following organizations:

Department of Fisheries and Oceans
NS Department of Education and Culture
Environment Canada
Dalhousie University
Natural Resources Canada (GSC - Atl.)
NS Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia
NS Department of the Environment
BIO Oceans Association