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Biomes F2001
Human Life on Mars - Webquest
WorldBiomes.com - Explore Five of the World's Main Biomes
EE-link: Site Map Environment Ed
Biome Maps
Lewis/Life - Chapter Related Websites
Endangered Species classroom: Case Studies
Specific case studies of endangerment due to habitat loss, overexploitation,
pollution, competition with introduced species, and disease or climate change.
Lewis/Life - Chapter Related Websites
World Wide Fund for Nature - Global Network
A web center for global conservation action.
Man and the Biosphere Species Database (Information Center for the Environment)
Access the MABFauna Species Database Online
Natural History of Fire and Flood Cycles
our wildland vegetation burns. It burns periodically,
and must burn in order to survive
World Biomes   Kids Do Ecology
Biomes (bioclimatic zones) are appropriate divisions by which to organize
the natural world, because the organisms that live in each of them possess common
constellations of adaptations to them, in particular to the climate of each of the
zones and to the characteristic vegetation types that develop in them. The primary
elements to be dealt with under each zone were chosen because they are considered
the basic elements at all levels, from the entire planet through each of its component
physical environments to the species themselves.

Biomes of the World

Major terrestrial biomes

Examples of biomes. Which one am I?

What is the relationship between biomes and climate?

Examples of how various physical factors influence climate




Temperate Deciduous Forest

Temperate Rain Forests

Tropical Rain Forests

Biome Productivity
Net primary productivity is influenced by temperature, rainfall, and other
factors (availability of sunlight, nutrients, and length of growing season).
The more productive a community, the more life it can support per unit area.
Terrestrial biome(s) with highest net primary productivity:

Adaptations of Organisms
Working in groups and, later, consulting your textbook and using the links above
and below, list some adaptations (in structure, function, behavior, etc.) found in
the various plants and animals that increases their likelihood of existing in these biomes.

Chasing El Nino
Global Carbon Cycle