Biology 11                  Review Quiz 				Name: _______________

Part I:  Answer each of the following:

1. Draw a compound microscope on the back of this sheet and label 10 parts.

2. Give the functions for any five of these parts.

   Name of Part                     Function






3. What does the term observations mean? ___________________________________

4. What is meant by the scientific method? ____________________________________

5. Why do we remember Aristotle? __________________________________________

6. What did Leeuwenhoek do? ________________________________

7. List the three parts of the Cell Theory:




8.  When using a microscope, how do you determine the magnification of object?


9.  The coverslip has two purposes: __________________ and ________________
10. The compound microscope was invented by _____________ in 1665.

11. The term "spontaneous generation" refers to ___________________________.

12. The term "eukaryote" is given to a cell that ___________________________.

13. The term "metabolism" means ____________________________.

14. A histogram is used in order to  _____________________________________.

Part II:  Short Answer

1.  List and describe four characteristics of life.

2.  Describe Redi's and Pasteur's experiments.  
    Use  properly labelled diagrams.

Part III: Multiple Choice. Circle the letter of the correct answer in the following:

1. If a group of living cells swim away from a source of light, they are demonstrating which characteristic  
   of living organisms?

a) Living things grow, develop, and reproduce.
b) Life is organized
c) Living things react to environmental change.
d) Life requires energy.
e) Living things adapt.