Biology 12			Review Test			Name: _____________________

Part I: Complete each of the following with the proper word or words.

1.  An endocrine gland requires/does not require _______________ ducts.

2.  Hormones regulate basic drives and _______________.

3.  Two endocrine glands are the _____________ and ___________.  

4.  Hormones act by ___________ ordinary cellular processes.

5.  The Fallopian tube is another name for the ______________.

6.  The primary source of estrogen is the _______________.

7.  The purpose of FSH is to _______________________.

8.  A decline in progesterone and estrogen results in less oxygen reaching the  __________.

9.  The primary source of estrogen is the ____________.

10. The central nervous system consists of  ________________________.

11. The purpose of the autonomic nervous system is to ________________________.

12. Information about the environment is brought to the CNS by ________ neurons.

13. The pancreas is considered to be an endocrine gland because ______________________.

14. Type II (late onset Diabetes) is best treated with sulfonamides because _________________.

15. Hormones are organic substances:  proteins, amines or ___________.

Part II:  Define each of  the following:

corpus luteum


target organ



somatic nerve


Choose the proper answer:    ________

In humans primary oocytes are located in the 
a) cervix
b) uterus
c) corpus luteum
d) oviduct
e) ovary

Part III: Topics.  Respond to each of the following in detail.

1.  a) Using the disease Diabetes mellitus as an example, explain how negative feedback  
       maintains a proper level of hormones.  Refer to each of the hormones by name.
       Describe what each does and their source.


b) Discuss how feedback mechanisms regulate the uterine cycle in a nonpregnant human female. 
   Refer to specific hormones and their actions.

c)  The autonomic nervous system responds to stress.  Describe what happens in five organs of the body.